Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla

Take it easy! The idea of this project is to build the popular Yahoo! Toolbar for Gecko-based browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, the Mozilla Suite or Netscape.
Have a look at the FAQ if something doesn't work.

You want to contribute to the project? Excellent! This is how you can help:

  • Install the newest version and report bugs.
  • You have some coding experience? Please have a look at the reported bugs and try to resolve them.
  • You have suggestions? Please post a message or subscribe to the mailing list.


This project is in no way affiliated with Yahoo! Inc. This is a non-profit development project which provides the Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla to interested users without any guarantees. If you experience problems with Toolbar for Mozilla please report to the authors of this project, and not to Yahoo!.

Yahoo! and the Yahoo! logo are registered trademarks of Yahoo! Inc. Images used in the Toolbar are derived from the original Yahoo! Companion (now known as Yahoo! Toolbar) and from Yahoo! sites in an effort to duplicate look and feel. Yahoo! Inc. or its affiliates have copyright and/or trademark rights in these images. You are authorized to use this toolbar for personal use only, any redistribution or commercial use is prohibited.

What's New
  • 2006-10-25
    Update fixes a problem with the 'Add/Edit buttons'
  • 2006-10-21
    Update released.  Support for Firefox 2

  • 2005-12-17
    Update released.
     Update now!

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