Various functions of the MSIE Y! Companion haven't yet been written and some may be buggy. Please have a look at the FAQ to find a solution for your problem.

1. Functions like 'Add bookmark' or 'Refresh Toolbar' do not work
There is a known limitation regarding non-English and non-German versions of the Yahoo! feed. We are looking into that problem (Bug 5174), please send us the exact phrase of the function in your language.

2. Icons are missing
Some icons may still be missing, please send us your raw toolbar feed along with the icons name and language. You find the raw toolbar feed in your browser's profile folder in the subfolder 'yahootoolbar_saves'.

3. Browser crashes upon start
This is probably due to button or bookmarks with nested submenus (Bug 5172). Try removing those buttons on Yahoo!.

4. Bookmarks aren't properly displayed
This is also because of Bug 5172, try removing bookmarks until it works.

5. Selecting some buttons crashes Browser
Try unselecting buttons or bookmarks.

6. Uninstall does not work
The function hasn't yet been properly implemented - in the meanwhile just delete yahootoolbar.jar in the chrome folder.

8. Download of Yahoo! Toolbar (Mozilla) fails
Please just try again later - this is most likely just a server error. If the problem persists please report.

9. YCM is not displayed
When the installation works fine, YCM is in extensions but not displayed in your browser, try the following: Make a clean reinstall of your browser, i.e. move your profile folder (e.g. to the desktop), uninstall the browser and reinstall it again. If you then install YCM it should be properly displayed.

10. After signing in Yahoo! says "page not found"
Don't worry about that, you have still properly signed in. The only problem is that YCM doesn't replace a variable in a URL (Bug 5189).

11. How can I make my own YCM package?
If you're trying to make an installer for your changes to the Mozilla plugin, please do the following: Download the xpi, rename it to zip and extract its content. Then rename yahootoolbar.jar to and extract its content, too. Then you have the most recent source code. Make changes to the code and then zip the content folder including subfolders again to, rename it to yahootoolbar.jar. Then zip yahootoolbar.jar and the installer script to *something*.zip and rename it to *something*.xpi. That's all. Please share your changes by posting them to the list.

12. How do I upload my YCM package?
At best send your package to the mailing list. The main developpers will review changes and upload your package.

13. After installing 0.5.3, my toolbar doesn't refresh.
With Firefox closed, go the the application chrome directory and delete 'yahootoolbar.jar', 'chrome.rdf' and the 'overlayinfo' directory tree. Then edit 'installed-chrome.txt' to remove all references to yahootoolbar. That should completely remove the old version.

14. After installing 0.5.4, how do i make the search box bigger (smaller)? Go to "Change Toolbar Layout" on the setting menu (the pencil), and change the Search box width there.

Your question is not in here?

Please send us an email to the mailing list. You fixed a problem? Even better, please send your code to the list as well.

The companion project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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